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1000 HP Monster?! 1969 Dodge Charger – Mind Blowing-

Awesome — best car that you can have a round. very tough car and powerful. if you enjoy a car that is sporty and can listen to the purr of the engine for a while you  will love the car.. LOLAs we have one of the very best and extremely powerful 1969 Dodge Charger, with a 572 cubic inch, all aluminum HEMI under the hood that can give an output to astonishing 1 000 HP. As you can imagine, this awesome car that you are about to see in the this video is one hundred percent stock made, street legal, and it is coming from New Hampshire. The lucky owner of this great monster is a guy named Bob Dellinger.

Unfortunately we can give you much of other info about this muscle monster, as neither Bob, nor the author of the video did not bother to give us a little bit more info about it, but never the less, it will not stop us to fully enjoy this great car. Just listen to that motor roaring sounds as Bob approaches to the podium, where the officials are announcing his car.



A new trim line called the Special Edition (SE) was added. This could be available by itself or together with the R/T, thus making an R/T-SE. The SE added leather inserts to the front seats only, chrome rocker moldings, a wood grain steering wheel, and wood grain inserts on the instrument panel.  The windows were always open, as the doors were welded shut. The number “01” is painted on both doors. Also, when the horn button was pressed.



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