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1000HP Pickup Truck crazy launch and wheel stand

1000HP Pickup Truck crazy launch and wheel stand

Not particularly fast, but with a show like that who cares it realy very something special but some time it can be horrible, Good show for sure but if that thing didn’t break loose he would have been high 9’s in my opinion. That thing is RAW. Nice build.Building a beast like that on a 2WD platform is ballsy but as seen trying to keep the truck straight is like fighting hellfire with a squirt gun.

Tried some changes and still would not launch straight, straight up but not straight down the track. Hard to correct it without front tires on the ground. The 1000HP Pickup Truck got all twisted up from the torque and let the left rear tire expanded more than the right rear.Impressive! That thing is going to shred that frame. Could it be a preload issue as far as the launch problem is concerned? There certainly is no problem with the hookup. Good driver ability to keep it off the wall as well. when the weight transfers to the rear its proportional to the spring rate so by preloading the right side it makes that spring act like a heavier spring and should correct the pull..


This truck is having some powerful horsepower and is engaged in doing some extra wheelie stand and ofcourse is a way much loaded up and that’s included in its more difficulties.. See this video and do tell us your reviews.


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