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chevy truck 1360 HP Blows Up on Dyno! Angry Monster

chevy truck 1360 HP  Blows Up on Dyno! Angry Monster

Time for a carbon fiber drive shaft! always doing bad things to the climate!!!This chevy is kind of monster such heavy machine it is..Dmitri Millard in Red making over 1360 hp and 7+ passes over 175mph. Drive line exits the party!!! dyno blown away with its all hosre power and torque power.. these rims seems to be just awesome..

Pretty Sweet — good ole 6L farm/hunting truck Drags 2000lb bales through the snow without a grunt Can chase down a deer through a feild with ease. Have a 10000lb winch on the front with a big steel bumper to scare little old ladies when someone pull up behind them. this red chevy 2001 has an extreme power and have brutal horsepower and can wipe-out every other vehicle  with its extreme power.mid cab exhaust dump, 1000 ft lbs of torque amazing daily driver, can outdo a z06 up to 80 miles an hour, the lb7 is the modifiers motor its fast for a truck and turn very well but gets stuck in the snow on a count its only 2 wheel drive but it will tow a house down and its faster than a ford and dodges must be scared to race because they will never race me.Really great truck, solid all the way around and with a little help the power output is insane the speed and torque is insane.Gets decent fuel mileage and is a little expensive to maintane but is really a fun truck to drive and mess around in and just have fun withSmoothe ride, excellent power, strong transmission, quieter and better than the competition. Like a Rock….

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