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1/4 Blown “Stinger 609″ V8 Engine ! Now You Can Buy One Of These!

Tests on automobile parts can be quite helpful in resolving eternal dilemmas regarding modifications and upgrades to our vehicles. Engine especially were always interesting for experts and they are nearly the main focus in every researches and reviews. That is why today, we chose one more video that shows the work of a small, but powerful engine , the Conley Stinger 609. Although it costs around $ 9000, this product of almost 30 years of experience in design and construction is definitely a class for all other engine , as it can produce a huge amount of HP that can make your RC car win all worldwide RC competitions. However, critics say that for that amount of money, a real car can be bought, but if your hobby is making mini versions of the most famous supercars , you will clearly be against that statement.



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