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1600hp Nitrous Mustang – Amazing Paint Job

This 1600hp Mustang lives up to its crazy ass paint job by putting down some crazy ass power, see some of their test hits at the track on a cold, 40 degree Texas Night.  Beast mode is serious, by the way. How does 1,600 horsepower worth of beast sound? Once you discover the purveyors of the powerplant, the output should come as no surprise, but the method to our madness in no less impressive. As fanatics of forced induction, we have come to expect big power from boosted Blue Ovals. One need only look at the factory ratings of some of the recent mod motors to understand our fascination. The Two-Valve Lightning, the Four-Valve Cobra, and now the 5.8L Shelby have clearly demonstrated how well the mod motors respond to boost.For this project, Accufab started with Ford Mustang GT heads, but the castings were treated to extensive porting, larger (38mm/32mm) valves, and even custom valveseats.




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