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1934 Ford RC Rat Rod with V8 Car Engine , Terrible Sound

Owner and builder Tom Nesper testing and running his awesome V8 Car Engine motor in a quarter scale r/c which he has been working on for years, it runs on Nitro-methane fuel.. Car Engine

Boys never grow up; their toys just get more expensive. We’ve all heard the phrase. As worn out as it maybe, in many cases it is absolutely true (I know it is for me!). Remote Control (R/C) cars have been steadily increasing in their technologies and in some cases have gotten to be “toys” that can be too advanced for some children.

One sliver of the R/C craze is scale modelling. Modifying or custom building scale vehicle bodies and adding tons of miniature treatments to make them so very close to the real thing, just a bunch smaller. Enter Tom Nesper and his 1/4 scale 1934 Ford Coupe. This isn’t any typical electric R/C car though, or even a typical gas R/C car. This little street rod has a 100% functional mini V8 bolted to the chassis. Nearly completely custom built, Tom has “been building for years [and] basically [had] to make every part.”

The tiny water-cooled V8 runs on Nitro-methane fuel and is completely drivable via the remote and built in electronics. Featuring working headlights, turn signals, brake lights, a quick change rear differential and hydraulic disc brakes, this little car is a spot on representation of a full size hot rod. Tom can even start and stop the engine as well as control all of the other features in the vehicle via the remote.

It also starts and shuts down by remote control, Headlights, turn signals and brake lights also via r/c. Has hydraulic disc brakes, quick change rearend and much more.

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  1. Just want to make it clear, that the motor is built by Gary Conley enterprise. You can no longer get this motor, it is the fourth generation 427. He now makes a 609 Stinger motor. As far as the rest of the car it once was. WCM 34 Ford with a small signal cylinder 2 stroke weed eater motor. The car has been heavily modified, meaning many parts are made by hand, the body has been chopped, channeled, sectioned. All the electrical in the car is made by me, once the car is done it will be corvette yellow. Many other parts are also handmade like the headers and many more pieces one of a kind. Meeting they started out as hunks of aluminum.

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