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1950 V8 Tow MATER burnout – Tow Truck

The owner of this 1950 International tow truck took it upon himself to make it a real life replica of Mater, straight out of the Movie, Cars. As if that weren’t enough, he then puts the truck through the wringer, burning the rear tires to shreds. Now I’ve seen Many insane Australian burnout contests, but nothing quite like this. Here we have a 1950 International MATER Tow Truck with a V8, putting on a badass exhibition skid at Sydney Dragway.

The tow truck in this video is made to look like a character from the movie. It is the old, shy tow truck Mater. However, in this video, Mater is far away from being shy. Of course, a vehicle can`t by shy if there is a V8 under the hood, like this one

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