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1960 Peterbilt Hotrod Truck ! This thing will blow your mind

Piss’d off Pete was built from a 1960 Peterbilt semi Truck model 351. The top was chopped and the cab was re-skinned with new aluminum. The engine is a Detroit diesel 12v71 approx. 1972 vintage. Each cylinder is 71 cu.in. and has two superchargers on this two cycle diesel motor. The Detroit diesel makes 1200ft. lbs. of torque and 474 hp. at 2150 rpm. With an unforgiving attitude and dangerously loud (in its flat-out scream, it hits around 140 decibels), the name Piss’d Off Pete is totally appropriate for this classic! Ironically, it was sold to a very happy (and smiling) private collector. Randy and his fellow craftsman and hot-rod zealot Michael Leeds have teamed up for a handful of high-profile and large-scale projects, including the Blastolene Special and Big Bertha, both gloriously oversized roadsters with monstrous V-12 engines pulled from a Seagraves fire truck and a Patton tank, respectively. While each vehicle was built in separate states, Randy’s in Grant’s Pass, Oregon, and Michael’s in Santa Cruz, California, the two builders shared their talents and techniques to create vehicles that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.It is called “Pi$$`d Off Pete”! And Pete is definitely Pi$$`d off if we take into consideration its motor work and the noise it produces! The truck was seen at the SEMA 2009 event where it attracted lot of attention from the crowd that was cheering and taking videos and pictures of this Peterbilt Hot Rod!

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