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1965 Chevy Truck Supercharged Live In Action !

1965 Chevy truck equipped with twin superchargers. The idea of mounting twin superchargers on a hot rod truck with small block might seem too radical, but the owner thinks different about this. This 1965 Chevy Truck is going to face the same destiny. people will either love it or hate it. What do you feel about this monster truck? This creation is owned by a man called Bradley Gray. In case you’re not familiar with him, Bradley is the guy who also has a Twin Turbo Supercharged 1969 Chevy Camaro SS which all either loves it or hates it. Toward the end of the video you can see the Camaro, a C10 truck with two superchargers, and a dragster with three superchargers. The amount of horsepower at the end make my eyes water.  The superchargers are set up in a bizarre fashion, and are obviously the most intriguing parts of this truck. The top one is set correctly, however, he reversed the lower supercharger so that the two can compound the air first before blowing air into the engine.the truck painted a shade called Sheffield gray, but left the body in its original shape, as he wasn’t keen on chopping his Chevy. The other features of this checy truck, the front suspension was left alone, but disc brakes inserted in the front wheels.  the truck sports a bizarre twin supercharger set up that sits on a Chevrolet 355 cubic inch V8 engine equipped with Eagle brand crankshaft and rods.

This 1965 Chevy truck also a similar creation like the Camaro, as Bradley who is the owner wanted to build a truck that will draw a lot of attention. In the rear, you can see the fuel cell, nitrous bottle, and parachute bag, but according to Bradley, this is not a drag car, merely a driver.


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