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1968 Dodge Charger Black Looking Great ! Black Monster

You are going to see the photos of Chris Perna’s 1968 Dodge Charger black, He has a great talent for drawing and also grew up with great imagination. Actually he loved horror and dark movies, especially the old black and the classic white. his dark imagination made his art dark and that dark path led to him creating all types of black and dark monsters like this 1968 dodge charger black. He is growing up in the “Big Daddy” era, black monster cars also found their way into Chris psyche and to him, the basis for the ultimate black monster car had to be a 1968 Dodge Charger Black. Chris introduced the first version of the video game Doom, while he was working as an art director for an ad agency. He got so much success throughout his career, Now he is an art director in worldwide Studios at Epic Games. Now i’m going to talk about his dodge charger black, Chris went for black on black look with some amazing touch of red.

This combination of black and read made his dodge charger rt more attractive. This combination of red and black presents some evil look. There are some multiple computer systems in this dodge charger black like: Fast XFI for the Hemi, TCI for the trans, for sound it has touch screen system and a full ISIS system for all the electrical components that can be control through any phone, computer or tablet. This is not a used dodge charger.


Engine Of Dodge Charger Black

As you know guys that the monster cars needs monster engine, so this black dodge charger has a monster engine. A “Big Daddy” style dodge chargers would be in keeping with the theme, there was no way that Chris was going to cut a big hole in the top of this dodge charger black . This dodge charger hemi has a pair of turbos lurking under the hood connected to a 580-inch Hemi. Hemi bumped up to 580 inches and fed by a pair of GT4094R 68mm liquid cooled. At 15 psi of boost, this monster registered 1,208 hp at 5,000 rpm and 1,313 lb-ft at 4,600. Fully ported aluminum heads with 2.25- and 1.94-inch stainless valves together with a custom grind cam from LSM Engineering. Muscle Car restorations made the custom turbo plumbing that includes a custom made Bell intercooler.

The front end of this 1968 dodge charger black is supported by a Reilly Motorsports Alterktion unit, while the back is controlled by a Morrison 32-inch Street Ladder bar system with 350-pound Hyperco coilover shocks. What you guys think about dodge charger price ? The red-on-black illumination extends the evil look to the inside of this dodge charger black. The seats are Recaro Sport Top and the wheel is a Billet Specialties Boost. Rear seats are custom-made using WiseGuy frames.


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