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1968 Dodge Charger Blown ! The Speechless Beauty

This 1968 Dodge Charger Blown with an supercharged 360 cid (5.9L) small block V8 engine. Here’s an overview of the car with some sweet V8 engine and fairly loud exhaust sounds.  let me show you what the big old musclecar was all about with this neat pictures below. Youtube channel RuffRiders X made a short clip about Johan’s Eriksson’s brutal 1968 Dodge Charger Blown. Am I the only one around here thinking the new Dodge Charger should have remained a two-door land-yacht? But no, they said it should be a stupid sedan not to interfere with the Challenger, which is basically based on the same platform, but it is a bit chopped down. It would have been better to leave the Charger be the biggest 2-door in the range and eventually offer a four-door one for those that don’t give a damn about the past. I must be very old on the inside. I know chances are close to zero, but until that happens,


The old 1968 Dodge Charger Blown was about rock and roll, the open highway and laughing in the face of aerodynamics, because back then you’d had to come down to smooth flowing shapes to cut the air if you couldn’t build powerful engines.

This 1968 Dodge Charger blown pulled into the parking lot for a post-show celebration. At first, it looks as though this victory burnout might not be very impressive but once the Charger gets to spinning the huge custom rear wheels.  Not only does this Charger look awesome and pack some huge tire-smoking power, this blown Mopar sounds incredible as the vintage American muscle car speeds away from the camera with thick white smoke billowing out of the rear end. This is definitely a video that has to be enjoyed with the sound turned up.



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