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Dodge Charger Classic 1968 With Killer Handling ! Detroit Muscle

1968 dodge charger classic is one of most amazing and epic detroit muscle ever made in the history of the american muscle cars. I do not have to emphasize the importance and the significance of this amazing dodge charger classic. If you are a fan of classic muscle cars, then you know all of this very well. I don’t need to explain each and every thing about this cool dodge charger classic, if you are a muscle car freak. Throughout the years since the american muscle cars built, we had seen so many jaw dropping examples, modified beasts, and all kinds of customized mopars that made us look at them with our mouths open. One great example that we had seen in the latest famous movie from the “Fast & Furious” franchise, the so called 1970s dodge charger and many other off road charger. And of course, it is only understandable to ask yourself how much of what we are seeing in the film is real, and how much is special effects. According to the information about the following video, and the awesome dodge charger classic 1968 that features in it, the biggest part is true, because it is one hell of american muscle car, with killer handling. Heavy metals used in the preparation of this classic dodge charger.

The owner of this 1968 Dodge Charger Classic is Martin Sokulski, this guy who used to be a Model Stock Car driver, and who personally built it, able to do almost everything we see in the movie. We can see the driving skills in this amazing video. This is actually the best 1968 dodge charger classic, i have ever seen. So if you want to know something more about this muscle car then watch the video and enjoy the ride. Also share your precious comments with us.

The owner of this 1968 dodge charger classic has put the Charger up against some of the best builds in the country in events like the Optima Ultimate Street Car Competition and West Coast multiple challenge events. It’s been featured on Hot Rod and has set new performance standards for the dodge charger b body classics from the Pentastar.

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