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1968 Dodge Charger Classic Muscle Car ! Restored By RPM Styling

Watching some Classic muscle cars that has been restored and brought to a level, that makes everyone  admire and to long for it, is probably one of the things that makes everyone who is working on it, proud and happy. The following video that we have prepared for you today, features one such an example, that can make any true Classic muscle car enthusiast look at it with his mouth open. RPM Styling is a Hungarian company established in 2002 by the Banga Brothers. They are very passionate about American Muscle cars and this nicely restored Classic muscle car is a perfect example of the professionalism. After a client asked them to build a 1968  Dodge Charger by keeping its original look they found this Mopar in the state of Nevada and had it shipped over to Europe. Today the owner of one of the cleanest Dodge Chargers in Europe proudly cruises down the streets of Hungary in his 383 cubic inch V8 powered classic Muscle car.


One thought on “1968 Dodge Charger Classic Muscle Car ! Restored By RPM Styling

  1. I love to see the classic muscle cars restored.Especially mopars as they seem to be admired more now than back when they were new. But it’s a real shame to see a 60’s or 70’s HP car like a charger,cuda,roadrunner or camaro,mustang etc. Sitting somewhere rusting away or being crushed. They are a part of muscle car history. An in the right hands can be restored to beautiful cars once again. But there are people with cars like these that refuse to sell them unless they get a small fortune. An just let them sit in a field rusting beyond any hope of restoration.

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