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1968 Dodge Charger RT Brought to Life ! Toxic Muscle Car

Here is the newly redesigned 1968 Dodge Charger RT and styling it with a deadly plum crazy exterior with a 1966 and 67 inspired and amazing interior. Not only was this the poison of choice for the Dodge Charger RT, but it received a lethal dose from our friends at Sherman Williams and Steve Strobe of Pure Vision Motorsports creating a toxic ride. This unique creation was unveiled at the 2013 SEMA booth as part of a showcase displaying the automotive color palette of Sherman Williams’ PlanetColor line using their Barrett-Jackson Restoration System. Causing a fever, this ride garnered hundreds of spectators in search of an intoxicating peek of this sick creation. This 1968 Dodge Charger RT is an amazing Classic Muscle Car.

Staying with the iconic ’60s era feel, a funky mix of blue, purple, and red hues were designed. To finish off this psychedelic look the cabin set up was treated with an all red theme, giving the Dodge Charger RT an original feel with a modern touch. To create a 1968 Dodge Charger RT with four bucket seats and a long console cabin, modeled after the 66’s and 67’s interior, the “what if” question was posed and answered. Strobe envisioned and brought to life this fever catching concept that might have appeared on the showroom floor in 1968 had the Dodge boys been left unattended in their creation. For fans in 1968, the exterior would have been the most shocking and impressive part of the car, but for us in 2015, it’s really the interior that elicits a lot of buzz.

The biggest deviation from stock would be the functional ’67 Dodge W023 Coronet hoodscoop modified to fit the 1968 Dodge Charger hood.

Specification Of 1968 Dodge Charger RT

Further modifications completed by Pure Vision to the stock 1968 Dodge Charger RT included the re configuring of the gauge layout, with the Speedometer and Tachometer centered above the steering wheel, like the prior years, instead of off to the left side. This Dodge Charger RT Hemi powered ride backed by a race-proven 4-speed transmission and heavy duty Dana rear axle is no wall flower. The crowd around the car all day at SEMA was testament to the cool-factor that this build possessed. Type: 572ci Hemi ,Rotating assembly: Scat 4230 forged crank (4.500 stroke), 4340 forged steel RAC rods (7.100 length), custom 11:1 Ross Racing pistons , Block: Mopar 572 Hemi , Cylinder heads: Edelbrock aluminum.

it would be far too simple to just roll out a showroom fresh, restored 1968 Dodge Charger RT with a few era-appropriate speed parts bolted on. In Strope’s vision, This Dodge Charger RT would be an early development prototype mule that still had bits pulled from the previous generation Dodge Chargers since 1968 production details were still being finalized. Strope eventually wove this concept into a full-fledged fictional history that even places Pure Vision as a vintage speed shop working with Chrysler. For the look, the formula was very much the same for both stories. Externally, the Dodge Charger would be essentially 1968 production ready, but with everything just a bit nicer and more perfect like a factory show car tends to be.

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