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1968 Dodge Charger SRT-10 Viper Powered Fully Restored

Viper powered ’68 Dodge Charger srt ! Fully restored by RK-Motors.

1968 Dodge Charger SRT-10 Viper Powered Fully Restored

When Elwood Engel’s design team unveiled their 1968 redesign of Dodge’s hot new Charger, they unknowingly gave birth to what some consider the ultimate Mopar muscle car. Fast forward to 2012 and although the Charger is still highly regarded for its bare-knuckle nature, Dodge’s new performance sheriff goes by the name of Viper. So, how does today’s muscle car fan get his fix for both modern Mopar performance and classic Mopar attitude? He takes a solid ‘68 B-Body, shoehorns an 8.0 liter Viper V10 between its fenders and builds a killer custom that’s fit as much for show as it is for go!

When this bright blue Dodge rolled into our new 40,000 square foot RKM Performance Center in Mooresville, North Carolina, its metamorphosis from 60s boss to 21st century cool started gaining momentum. As you can probably tell, someone spent a good amount of time and money making sure its body is straight and rust-free. Under the car’s fiberglass hood, a beastly 10-cylinder Viper engine, donated by a low mileage SRT-10 Ram, was queued up to provide certifiably insane horsepower. At the base of that iron block powerhouse, a restored chassis was fitted with an updated suspension which includes an aftermarket K-frame, a tubbed rear end and Air Ride Technologies shocks at all four corners. And everything was topped off with a fresh leather interior that revolves around an updated dash and a hand-fabricated console.

To true car guys, there’s nothing better than learning about and creating the cars we love. And as RK Motors LLC’s dedication to the hobby expands, we’re constantly looking for ways to better connect with you, the enthusiast. It’s been our pleasure to complete the build of this one-of-a-kind SRT-10 Charger. And we’d like to wish the car’s lucky owner years of happy cruising!

3 thoughts on “1968 Dodge Charger SRT-10 Viper Powered Fully Restored

  1. I was the owner that had built this car. I had RK finish the interior, install the engine and drive line components. I must say that I would never have RK work on another of my rides. It took 1.5 years longer than agreed and cost several thousand dollars more. In the end the car was a show car not the functional driver I had paid for. The car was sold and moved to Napa Valley CA where the current owner has made it a driver. Long live the worlds most awesome 68 Charger.
    T. Hanbury

    1. Ohh gud to know that u were owner.Yes Hanbury its the world most awesome car.. which car you are using now a days ? share us your thoughts and share us your experiences regarding cars to make our website more cool

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