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1968 Mustang Black Mamba Shelby 490 ! Watch This Beast

Many muscle cars fans, who were born mainly in the 60’s and 70’s, used to restore their cars to their original form. Laura and Scott Taylor are two muscle car fans, who have always had muscle cars in their life. Scott bought a `68 A-code Mustang as a retirement gift for his wife. He intended to install an extreme powerplant and in order to do so he wanted to put an Art Morrison Max G Muscle car frame which could support the massive firepower. When the Mustang was in one piece it was time to start the project and put the side exhaust, the Eleanor body kit and the side pillar gas cap. Rodd and Troy from River Auto Body were in charge of the paint application. The suspension of this 1968 Mustang is RideTech Ride pro system at the rear end and Art Morrison Max G frame with Thomas compressor and modified Mustang II rack-and-pinion system at the front.


lets talk about the fire starter. It has Shelby 427 FE aluminum block engine with 4.250-inch stroke and 4.280-inch bore, that includes H-beam connecting rods, Ross Pistons, Scat Billet Crankshaft, two Road Demon Junior 725-cfm carburetors with Billet Specialties True Track drive system. The engine can pull out 705 horses at 6, 300 rpm and 639 lb-ft of torque. It uses Sunoco 110-octane fuel.





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