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1969 Charger rt That Will Blow Your Mind ! Blown Monster

Extremely powerful 1969 Charger rt with a 572 cubic inch, all aluminum hemi under the hood that can give an output to monster 1 000 HP. This 1969 charger rt video is a real treat for our Mopar friends who love the sound of those blown Hemi. The happy owner of this mean muscle car is Bob Dillinger from New Hampshire. His sinister Dodge sports an all aluminium 572 cubic inch HEMI V8 motor that generates over 1000 horse power and I promise you the sound of it will make your heart skip a beat. Definitely one of the sickest old school Mopars we have ever seen.a completely custom-built 1969 Dodge Charge RT equipped with a 572 cubic inch Hemi engine topped with an old school roots-style blower. According to Keith over at AK Rods & Customs in Londonderry, New hampshire, Roxanne’s Hemi puts out a conservative 1,000 HP, and that’s with just 14 psi of boost.The door handles were also shaved flush, but they still operate somewhat as the originals did by pulling the flushed handle outward to open and pushing it flush again to close. So they fabricated their own fender wells, and tucked and straightened the firewall.The Dodge Ram logo plays heavily in the design of the car, too. Like a true show car, all of the nuts and bolts are fully chromed and the bolts are trimmed so only three threads show outside the nuts.The OEM turn signals have also been converted and placed in the lower and outer edges of the grille. Of course, they’re also lit with red LEDs.

The owner this 1969 charger rt , Bob Dahlinger, told AK Rods & Customs to make the Charger as badass as badass can be, but still retain much of the Dodge roots.


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