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1969 Dodge Charger RT With Viper V-10 Engine

We are sure that nowhere on this planet exists a man who can resist an epic Mopar. Who wouldn’t like to own such a beast? Brent Farrell had that dream. He was searching for that ideal car for almost two years, when he stumped upon a blog of this project-ready Charger. He knew that he got to have it!

The Charger has a modified 2005 Viper V-10 inside its arrow-straight, stock-looking ’69 Charger body. Underneath is a hand-fabricated steel-tube frame, so it doesn’t get twisted up.

Then Brent decided to meet with the owner…When he took a first look at it, he thought to himself that he must have been a lucky man to own such a car!




This car’s engine was built by Dick Vandezelden and its a  2005 Gen III V-10 Viper . The pistons are from CP and the rods are from Oliver. He also featured an air intake, exhausts coated by Jet-Hot, headers from stainless steel and a fabricated oil pan. The V-10, boosting 605 horses is being carefully built with every part, bolt and nut added.

XIF did an amazing job when it came to the suspension, They  featuret a pinion and rack steering, a custom made K member, control arms, coilovers from Afco, and sway bar at the front made by Vipers. All these parts were custom made in order to fit in perfectly. At the rear there are also coilovers from Afco and Viper IRS made the suspension.

The transmission is also from the ’05 Viper: a Tremec T-56 six-speed manual.

The Mopar has billet wheels from SRT sizing 18×10 inches at the front and19x13 inches rear. The tires are Michelines sizing 275/35ZR18 at the front and 345/35ZR19 at the rear end.

Ricky Rods  was in charge of customizing the interior. He fitted gauges from AM, steering wheel from Billet Specialties, front buckets from Dodge Neon,  navigation and sound system from Panasonic, headliner, leather  and tweed upholstery, kickpanels, door, floorboards, split seats at the rear end as well as the side.

Xtreme Innovations and Fabrications were also in charge of the exterior. They fabricated the fuel cell, the floors and the trunk pan by hand. The guys also extended the wheel base for 2 inches, fitted a tube frame made of steel, sizing 2×3 inches, shaved the bumpers and finally laid the PPG black paint on the clearcoat and on the base.

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