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1969 Plymouth Roadrunner 1800hp ! Start Up Walkaround

Here is the 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner with 1800hp start up walkaround, This thing is built by Dram, with a a slick black paint job and full tube chassis. Is this the Fastest Street Car ? This massive 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner vehicle has problems to start. This is a moment where plenty of people would say that this is rubbish. However, this vehicle shut those mouths in the second try. Not only the mouths, but the ears as well, because it is very loud ! You can literally hear the power addressing you! In a normal situation, where there is a vehicle with a quality sound to be heard, we would suggest to volume your speakers up. But this time, we simply won’t advise you so. Additionally, it took three years to build this car and apparently it was worth it! When we picture the All-American muscle car in our heads, there are a few qualities that are accentuated. We aren’t given the exact specs aside from the fact that the car is supercharged, but believe us when we tell you that this ride is something special! Check out the video of the Plymouth below to see this thing rip!

This 1969 Plymouth RoadRunner brings each and every one of those qualities to life! This beast is far from your average Road Runner as well.


This brutal machine is about as loud and in your face as it gets as it goes all out and struggles to grab traction. We would love to see this beauty at her full potential. This car is the beast on the road!!! This 1800HP EFI blown 527ci Hemi 1969 Plymouth RoadRunner is stunning. In the video you can see in making a few test runs. The engine was built by the owner, it has a click black paint job and full tube chassis. Better turn up the volume because you are about to hear a powerful sound! –


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