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1970 Charger RT ! “Street Shaker” Is One Of The Best Custom Mopar

Here is the 1970 Charger RT the “Street Shaker”. This Charger is one of the best custom mopar beasts !  The other name os this charger is ‘ Street Shaker ‘ . So Zack Ingram is the ex owner and the builder of this 1970 Charger RT that he had is his position for some time now, he had made an interesting theme on this dodge Charger rt , he basically mixed up the Charger a little bit. the history behind this car is as I said Zack has owned this Charger for a long time but then someone came to buy it off him and he had to sell it because he needed the money to open a new restoration shop so he sold the car, but the guy who bought the car knew what Zack wanted to do so he told him to build his old Charger.  The new owner didn’t as for much he just picked the color and told Zack to do his magic on it. So after a few mounts this is the end result from that story .

This 1970 Charger RT “Street Shaker” is packing an aluminum block 572ci HEMI. The fuel setup consists of a twin throttle body. Meanwhile, a set of CNC ported Indy Cylinder Heads help the engine breathe .


The car, in a twist of fate, was sold to fund the beginning of Z Rods & Customs, who then turned around and built this Charger as its first project. The now owner of the  Dodge Charger, Dalton Davis, wanted a HEMI and the custom color – everything else was on the table for Z Rods to build however it saw fit. The front fenders were sunken on top to mimic the door indentations. On the sides, a set of 1968 Corvette door handles were installed to add a sleek finish. Out back, a custom tail panel and spoiler were made specifically for the car.



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