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1970 Dodge Charger Gets Jet Power For Fast 8 ! Looks Amazing

1970 Dodge Charger from fast and furious gets Jet Power For Fast 8 ! When The Fast and The Furious hit movie theaters in 2001, Toretto and his street racing crew were stealing “high end” televisions with built-in VCRs off the back of a semi-truck. 15 years later, the franchise is working on its eighth installment, bringing back many familiar faces, as well as vehicles for the next movie that’s been dubbed simply Fast 8. This includes Vin Diesel as Toretto, as well as the 1970 Dodge Charger RT that keeps showing up for key movie moments. Only this time around, the Charger will come packing jet power, as well as a few other modifications, for its role in Fast 8. 

With filming for Fast 8, the eighth installment in the Fast and Furious franchise, well underway, we’ve gotten some sneak peeks into the actors’ vehicles. Dominic Toretto, played by Vin Diesel, will once again get behind the wheel of a 1970 Dodge Charger. This 1970 Dodge Charger RT, which was revealed as Toretto’s Dodge Charger 1970 in Iceland, has been heavily modified and even features a jet turbine. Sadly, the turbine is purely cosmetic, but the sound from the car’s V8 is glorious. The previous 1970 Dodge Charger RT from Furious 7 featured 500-horsepower V8 crate engines from General Motors, which may make another appearance in the upcoming film.


Features Of 1970 Dodge Charger RT

These pictures of 1970 Dodge Charger RT posted to the Instagram account of Jadatoys, shows the 1970 Dodge charger fitted with a jet turbine engine in the rear seat area and trunk. Although it is no doubt a prop turbine, that won’t stop movie magicians from making it look as though it’s propelling Diesel and his Charger into whatever convoluted, international crime spree happens to be taking place this time around. The actual motor under the hood is a good ol’ hunk of American iron packing a 500 horsepower LS3, and before you get upset over the modification of a classic muscle car, know that most of these cars began life as unrestorable basket cases.

Sure, the hero car may come from better stock, but it takes a lot of work to make Dominic Torreto’s 1970 Dodge Charger look as good as it does in these pictures. While the V8 sounds amazing, there’s no word on what engine lurks behind the Charger’s hood.


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  1. What idiot wrote this? It is a 1968 Charger with a 1970 front clip bolted on. 68 was the only year with round tail lights.

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