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1970 dodge Charger RT ! Vin Diesel’s 1200hp Dodge Charger

Watch this 1970 dodge Charger RT . In other words Vin Diesel’s Blown Charger which is 1200 hp ! He Drove this dodge charger in ” Fast and Furious “. This 1970 dodge Charger RT cost 270,000$ . High tax put on the cars in singapore . If  you ever feel that , cars are getting too much expensive , consider yourself  lucky Because you are not living in singapore because the rates of the cars are too much high because of tax . An island located on the tip of mainland Malaysia , is smaller than most cities, but one of the most prosperous nations in the world.Because the city is too small that’s why the major problem is traffic because there is too much rush of traffic . So that the government increases too much tax on cars. So the price of a Toyota Prius costs $154,000 on the island country . Which is six time more cost of cars in united states . A singapore tv interviewd the Vin Diesel . He was not really much impressed of the car rates in singapore .

This 1970 dodge Charger RT is Originally built and restored by Cinema Vehicle Services (CVS), the ride has quite a stunning unit under its hood . A supercharged 426 Hemi V-8 boosted blower style .


The more spec of this 1970 Dodge Charger RT list includes a Chrysler 727 three speed automatic transmission, Hotchkis springs and shocks, Wilwood 4 wheel disc brakes as well as 18-inch Coy C-5 custom rims. “During the movie , Vin Diesel himself actually took a seat behind the wheel. The sound producing from this Beast could make the plaster tumble from the garage ceiling ! Now, the first time in Europe, automobile companies can be astounded by the one and only original Dodge Charger, and with a shot of nitrous oxide . it summons up a monstrous 1200 horsepower,” a release from Tuning World Bodensee reads.




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