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1970 Pinky Dodge Challenger ! Can You Handle It?

If there was not for strange and odd looking specimens, even amongst the muscle cars, things would have been boring and without that feeling of something new and still unseen that is waiting for you at the place where the one is least expecting it. One such an example is definitely this pretty cool 1970 Dodge Challenger, in a very unique color, for a car like the Challenger of course, or for a muscle car in general when you really come to think about it…

It is coming from the La Jolla community, the place of which has been said that it has a great number of vintage cars, and which is also known for its Symbolic Motors, high end car dealers and passionate collectors who are showcasing their rides here. So I guess the owner of this pinky ’70 Challenger could not have picked a better to present his vehicle to the world.



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