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1974 Dodge Challenger Wheelie in Slow Motion

There probably is not even one gearhead out there amongst you, who does not feel the heat and get an adrenalin rush when you see a great muscle or sports car doing a wheelie while it is launching on the drag strip. And when you have a highly modified muscle car, like this classic monster, 1974 Dodge Challenger with a huge rear tires – which only adds to the ominous and beastly look – what else could you possibly ask?

This great 74 Challenger has a big, 572 cubic inch Wedge engine under the hood, removed bump stops and notched frames and many other customized components in order get the maximum out of that incredible motor power and to make things on the drag strip as attractive as possible. The car can run within nine seconds on the quarter mile distance, so it is pretty clear what kind of a monster you are about to see.


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