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1979 Ford Bronco is Going To Be Mad ! Wheelie

Gorgeous and mad in the same time, 1979 Ford Bronco doing wheelie and also showing their Character . These are iconic trucks that launched a new era of design and performance for offroad enthusiasts. This 1979 Ford Bronco is wheeling down the road.  It looks that that scene in Fast and Furious where Vin Diesel punches it and wheelies down the road. It’s no surprise then that people are still working on tuning and modifying these in 2015. The sky’s the limit when you go high-profile with your truck or SUV! The Skyjacker Complete Lift Kit pushes ground clearance and aggressive looks to new heights, letting you conquer on or off-road obstacles with confidence.First, they lifted this bronco sky high on 54 inch mudding tires and built the truck up to handle the abuse of mudding.   Things got serious however when they dropped in a Ford Big Block engine. The engine was installed with custom mounts from Bronco Grave Yard made for installing a 460 ci big-block into this model Bronco.

I just came across a video series by Willys Garage Norway showing the process of swapping from a 351 ci to a 460 ci big-block in a 1979 Ford Bronco XLT Ranger.


To make your 1979 Ford Bronco perform better, you can equip it with high performance Ford Bronco parts that can be easily found here at wild horses. Here on our web site, we maintain a complete and comprehensive online catalog of Ford Bronco mechanical and body parts. With our premium auto parts, we can assure you that your Ford Bronco will perform even better.The 1978 and 1979 Broncos also merged the rear glass hatch and tailgate of its predecessor into a single unit that allowed the rear glass panel to retract completely into the tailgate by use of an electric motor controlled by a key-operated switch on the tailgate’s outside or a dash-mounted control switch.


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