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2006 GMC Sierra Pickup Truck ! Watch This Black Giant

This monster 2006 GMC Sierra is powered by an enormous 94 mm Batmowheel turbo engine that produces 1300 horsepower! This 2006 GMC Sierra Truck built and tuned by Oddball Racing . We are always looking for new and exciting things to see and to get inspired from and when we come across something like this by accident, than all work is worth well and the excitement is something that further away from being something ordinary and everyday entertainment . Truck Madness and as the reports are telling us, GMC Sierra had a little accident, so it did not make it as far as it actually could on this competition, but that is absolutely no reason for us to enjoy it, magnificent as it is. So just play the video and enjoy the show! Each year Ford, GM, and Dodge move more than a million of them, most of which are destined for a lifetime of heavy duty. But a small percentage of these trucks are special editions, models designed with standout style, performance, or both.Pickup trucks are America’s workhorses.

 This 2006 GMC Sierra Pickup Truck you are going to watch in the video bellow is one of those things you should not be messing around with it! It gives the vehicle of average speed of 150 mph at the ¼ mile distance. Pretty impressive, right?


Jesus’ 1300hp step-side GMC Sierra is no joke, this thing has a large housing 94mm Batmo wheel turbo trapping in the 150mph range in the 1/4 mile. If he hadn’t broken the driveshaft (around the 900ft mark) on the last pass of this video he would have been in the 8’s pretty easily. The black beast is built and tuned by Oddball Racing and get this, would have surely popped an 8-second pass on the 9.19 @ 152 run if it hadn’t broken the driveshaft around the 900-foot mark! Phew!



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