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2007 Gmc Sierra TurboCharged Truck Humiliates Ferrari 458 Italia !

Watch out this video how this 2007 Gmc Sierra TurboCharged Truck Humiliates this Tuned Ferrari 458 Italia on a street race! The Italian supercar was trying, but it was not fast enough to beat the GMC Sierra truck! It seems like the 2007 Gmc Sierra driver is fed up with sport cars and wanted to show what an American muscle vehicle can actually do! If this was his intention then he proved his point! His thing really pulls and sounds like a demon! Ferrari’s driver will remember that night for a long time! Besides the awesome overtake, you can also enjoy the magnificent sounds these two mighty vehicles produce! The thing is, you can actually hear the Ferrari’s machine after the turbo Gmc Sierra overtakes the tuned 458 Italia! That’s how loud it is! The clip below shows us a custom example of the Ferrari 458 Italia driving down the highway (the video’s title states this is a tuned 458). At first, the supercar is going pretty slowly, but the pedal is clearly welded to the floor, with the Prancing Horse accelerating violently.


The Ferrari surges forward in its night time drive, the thing gets overtaken by a 2007 Gmc Sierra. In spite of the mediocre audio quality, you can hear the GMC Sierra’s turbos at work, a soundtrack the Ferrari driver will certainly remember.


If we should be honest, there is some fun in seeing defeated Ferrari after a street race with GMC. While not every 458 owner can trade his supercar in for a 458 Speciale, many turn to the aftermarket world in their quest for more power. this piece of street racing sees the two cars battling it out from the aforementioned 30 mph (50 km/h) to over 150 mph – Naturally, the Ferrari driver can not believe his eyes .



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