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2014 dodge ram 3500 Black & Red Beasty !

We always appreciate people’s unique ideas to modify vehicles as they motivate us to fulfill our own dream car creation. Well,we are gonna how you one more brand custom built Ghost.  Say hello to Avorza 2014 dodge ram 3500 dually black-and-red edition.

This 2014 dodge ram is the result of a truly gorgeous work and effort that will definitely give you some ideas for your beauty. The parts that according to us, are outstanding are the taillights and the headlights, which make this truck look like a real beast with the red part around them.

Massive diesel burnout outside Thoroughbred Diesel Shop. This dually diesel truck decided to show off its burn out skills. Video was during the Thoroughbred Diesel 5th Annual Judgement Day in Winchester, KY. Check it out. This  Dodge Ram 3500 is big car with full of diesel power. In this video you are going to see the new version of this diesel truck By Alex Vega The Automobile firm. Its an black beast truck with some red colors on it. Its beautiful and absolutely amazing. watch this amazing video and dont forget to share your views with us . this is quite interesrting




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  1. Non vous n&#e127;av8z sonné personne et vous excitez aps comme ça c’est bon je vous ai pas agressé. C’est fou comme vous sautez à la gorge des gens…

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