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2014 Shelby GT500 Ultra Demonic and Precious !

This Precious and Ultra Demonic 2014 Shelby GT500 is better than Ken Block’s! What do You Guys Think About this? The best 2014 Shelby GT500 drift video ever brought to you by the Turbo Nuts crew. Enthusiast and pro driver Aapo Huovila pushes his 2014 Shelby GT500 to the limit and writes a message to Ken Block (The famous pro drifter from Gymkhana team) while completely murdering the tires. He has a mission and a plan how to achieve it step by step in a very cool way. You are probably thinking: Who the hell can drift a Stang better than Ken Block? Check out this 4 minutes video and you will find the answer. we only found the clip mildly amusing, nobody actually needs an excuse for shredding tires in a Shelby Mustang, so we salute the crew’s play just like they “salute Mr Ken Block and his Gymkhana Seven production team.” Block takes on Los Angeles, with the LAPD not only closing a long list of roads for him to drift, but also offering their cars as decour. From downtown to the parking lot next to the Hollywood sign, Block does them all.


There are those that try to mimic and those that even call out Block in a playful way, like this shoeless 2014 Shelby GT500 driver.

The machine selected for the tire-burning ordead, we are talking about a ‘Stang that delivers 845 ponies. More importantly, this is an all-wheel drive machine, something the breed hasn’t seen since the 1960, when a few Mustang AWD prototypes were built by British tractor maker Fergurson. Watch Gymkhana Seven here. The video shows a shoeless driver speeding around an empty parking lot with a board full of sticky notes on his dashboard with instructions on what to write. There’s a lot of burning rubber, whining supercharger noises, and that oh-so-sexy V-8 exhaust note, plus a selfie. In the end, he has quite the message for the Gymkhana driver, leaving “Ken Block Who?” etched into the pavement.


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