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2,138hp V8 World’s Most Powerful Coyote! Shelby GT500

In this video we have 2010 Mustang as 10.5 Outlaw race car with Shelby GT500 5.4L V8 twin-turbocharged engine, that passes 1/4 mile below 7 seconds and a top speed over 200 mph . However, the new engine isn’t short on horsepower and according to Mark Luton who also drive the car tell us that the motor makes, believe it or not,  2,138 horsepower. So, this engine is the most powerful Mustang Coyote V8 in the world.

How they Got +2,000hp?

MMR has started with stock aluminum block, billet connecting rods, Manley M2500 pistons, race prepped and cryo treated Boss 302 crankshaft as well as custom turbo camshafts. They have also added  a set of Boss 302 Stage 3R ported heads and Roadrunner intake manifold togehter with an Accufab throttle body of 105mm and a pair of massive turbochargers by Garrett –  80mm GT4508X .

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