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2500hp Street Plymouth Car !?!? INSANE Blown Hemi Alcohol

GORGEOUS 1963 Plymouth Car Valiant sporting a 528 Hemi, Blown running on Alcohol. This is the nicest & coolest car I have ever seen or worked on.

In this video the car was only 5% over-driven… It is ~1500 whp @ 5%, 2500 whp+ @ 20% over-driven.

Wonderful BEAST!! You will love watching this beast on the road.Well I am thinking How does the guy driving find time to check-out all those gauges, moreover what happened when he unleashes all those horses Guys? Seriously this will gonna kill me.I’d definitely pay him big $ for a ride along!! Enjoy watching the video.

Plymouth Car

This 1963 Plymouth Valiant features 528ci of Hemi bad-assness. The sound coming from this blown alcohol fueled car produces one of the most demonic sounds that we’ve ever heard.

In this video we’re exposed to what the uploader calls “15-minutes of car porn” and we have absolutely no disagreement there as we enjoy every second of this well-oiled machine from the street to the dyno.

Check out the video of the 2500hp street driven monster and prepare to be amazed. This is most definitely one of the cleanest builds we’ve ever featured. What do you think of this monstrous machine?




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