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60 Rare Muscle Cars Discovered in France After 50 Years ! Amazing Find

French auction houses has a great and big discovery of 60 Rear Muscle Cars in France .  They find More than 60 Rare Muscle Cars like Aston Martins, Corvettes , Ferraris and many others . They found all these Beast  at goldmine barn called “King Tut of barn finds” for decade.According to the French auction house these cars belonged to Roger Baillon . The most famous Rare Muscle Cars from this discovery are  Ferrari 250GT SWB from 1961 , the Maserati 6G Gran Sports and  Hispano Suiza , Talbot Lago and Bugatti . These Rare Muscle Cars once belonged to Roger Baillon, who owned a transport company and wished to one day open his own automotive museum . Baillon get caught into some financial troubles that forced him to sell half of his collection in the late 1970s. The other cars he kept hidden in shelters around his living area in France. Baillon died a decade ago and his son Jacques inherited the collection. To understand the importance of the collection, we should first understand a bit about Roger Baillon, the man behind it . Baillon had a busines of  building truck bodies, and then trucks.

This was a really profitable business at that time , Baillon’s design for a secure and watertight tanker earned his company . His passions increases to automobiles as well, and in 1947 Baillon designed and constructed a car of his own. One Talbot Lago in this collection had previously  owned by Egyptian King Farouk and a Ferrari had been used in the filming of a movie with Jane Fonda . Along with the rare Maserati in this collection, Baillon had intended to build a museum with his collection. When things didn’t go as expected,  he had to sell 50 cars, and the rest of the collection was forgotten.



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