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70 Dodge Challenger Vs 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 !

Difference between the 70 Dodge Challenger Hotchkis aand 2010 Dodge Challenger SRT-8 can be easily seen when the ignition key in each car is turned on. Two great muscle cars 70 dodge challenger and the modern one with the same name, same color and vaguely the same style, separated by about 40 years of engineering advancement. The following video decided to take these two muscle cars and put them in a head to head comparison test. The place of the event was the suburb of Orange County, California. Besides all those years of automotive progress, both cars share the similar philosophy concerning the powertrain: a pushrod V8 engine paired with a manual transmission, rear wheel drive and a limited-slip differential. The 2010 Dodge Challenger comes has with a 6.1L V8 capable to produce 425 hp and 420 Nm of torque, paired with a 6-speed manual transmission and independent rear suspension. On the other hand, the old muscle car 1970 dodge challenger modified by Hotchkis is powered by the 5.6L V8 with 3 two-barrel carburetors. The following video will decide which muscle car is the best. Watch the video below and don’t forget to share your views.  I’ve been here before, strapped inside old Detroit iron. But something is different. I can’t put my foot on it – until I did. These are not your father’s muscle car pedals. The clutch feels light and modern. the most impressive number recorded by the Hotchkis Challenger. Circling the skid pad at 0.93g is something we’ve never seen a muscle car accomplish, let alone one that’s 40 years old. The ride back is tense and I explain to Drew that this is the type of experience that as a journalist you undeniably have to go through.

We drove the 70 dodge Challenger and 2010 Challenger on the open road and took them to the track to measure their performance.


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