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9sec Green Beauty Cuda !! Smokey Burnout and Amazing Sound

Here we have a Green Beauty 72 Cuda that is showing some really good results on the Santa Pod track. Finishing in just 9 seconds with a speed of 135mph,this Cuda is like the sharks in the ocean. The Plymouth Barracuda is one of the top cars for drag racing. That is why we see more and more Barracudas made for drag racing to this day. The reason for that is that they exhibit a really good performance on the tracks, and people started noticing this. At the start the driver started with a burnout that I’m guessing he was able to shift in third gear just from there. Launching like a rocket, this ‘Cuda’s speed is like lightning, passing through the asphalt of the Santa Pod track. From the outside look we can see the shiny green paint which suits the car really great and the black stripes on the side. Just by looking at this car we can tell that it was made to win. The owner of this car has definitely done a great job on its customization.


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