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Agent 47 Mustang Caught On The Street ! Massive Sound

The stunning Agent 47 Mustang was caught on the street. It Has loud and brutal sound ! This is actually how the video starts, there is this Matte Black paint job Agent 47 Mustang moving between the crowd and once he wants to turn right the car coming from the opposite direction simply stops and lets this beast to pass by. we see it posing for the gathered people and treats us with a nice starting engine sound. Also we have the chance briefly to hear its engine idling before it disappears in the distance. So, what do you think?! Do you like the awesome matte black finish? My next muscle car will definitely have that. Plus, does anyone know the exact year of this black beauty and the brand of the rims? Do you like the look and the roar of the engine? Share your opinion with us and share the video with your friends.

This stunning agent 47 Mustang is the loudest here! In this video from RealMCR12 you can see one amazing black Mustang and to hear the roar of its engine. The design of this car is really awesome, just take a look at the tires in the back. The matte black color is perfect for this muscle car.


We know that Mustangs are known for their power and their great street performances ,either is this amazing Mustang from Agent 47 Mustang . Remember this car sounds incredibly good so don’t forget to prepare your speakers. Under the hood you’ll find a latest generation Ford Racing Boss 302 crate engine with 420 rear wheel horsepower and 385 lb-ft (521 Nm) of torque at its disposal. The rest of the drivetrain includes a six-speed close ratio gearbox featuring a 9-inch Speedway housing with floating axles and a 4:11 final drive.


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