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Awesome Sentiment Funeral burnouts in honor of murdered Friend – Shed Tears-

friends and family said goodbye to a local garage owner with a funeral procession marked by rumbling engines and squealing tires, In his honor, almost all of his friends from all over the country came with their muscle cars and hot rods to give him the last honor, performing burnouts. For sure no one of them could forget Smitty.

Jeffrey “Smitty” Smith, 49, of Hawk Point, died of a single gunshot wound to the head. He was found outside his shop on July 3.

Residents of Hawk Point, in Lincoln County, had speculated for days about a link between the homicide and Paul Smith, who abducted 4-year-old Alisa Maier from her Louisiana, Mo., home earlier in the week. Paul Smith, who is not related to Jeffery, lived in a cabin in Hawk Point.

The Major Case Squad ended the speculation at a late afternoon press conference Friday, saying a search of Paul Smith’s home had uncovered a pistol and ammunition hidden in a black vinyl case under the porch. Ballistics tests showed the weapon was used to kill Jeffrey Smith, said Deputy Cmdr. Mark Schimweg of the Major Case Squad.

Detectives said the pistol used in the homicide was not the same one Paul Smith used to kill himself on Wednesday, after police confronted him about Alisa’s abduction. The caliber of the murder weapon was not released. more

Maybe this is the best way to say goodbye to someone who is very close to you, and you know that he would love that.
watch the video.. surely you will shed tears after watching this..

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