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Beautiful Lady Enjoying Ride of Dodge Detroit 1968

After reading title you must be very excited to see this video.. as everyone says that men are fond of muscle cars but this video will change your thinking.. not only men are dodge lovers even women are also fond of muscle cars and especially when you see the muscle car is Dodge Detroit it will be worth seeing..

Specialty cars are conceived from a significantly different planning philosophy than that of the bread-and-butter cars which dodge Detroit used to build exclusively. Bread-and-butter cars are built with the primary intention of offending no potential buyer, rendering the cars largely featureless and unexciting. Specialty cars, on the other hand, are built to please specific groups of customers. We like the more positive philosophy behind the specialty car, and the Charger is chock-full of features with obvious appeal for the performance-minded enthusiast.

but the thing is that it is worth seeing and a great sight to see a lady driving Dodge Detroit charger 1968..

watch this video and do tell us how it feels after watching a beautiful lady driving a monster dodge charger 1968


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