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The Beauty- 1968 DODGE CHARGER Pro-Tuning! Style and beauty

When it comes to RK Motors Charlotte, it is clear that these guys have a big passion for Dodge Chargers, as by now, we have seen such mind-blowing specimens that are getting stuck in our head in the most positive way, and the one that we are going to show you today will be no different. It is one totally perfect custom made 1968 Dodge Charger, which is an awesome combo of the best of yesterday, with the state of the art of tomorrow.

It has an irresistibly appealing ominous look, with a Midnight Black Metallic color which only adds to its stunning appearance, it is a dream car for every passionate fan of a true American muscle. But as above mentioned, and as you will see it for yourself in the video below, this babe has many custom made components and changes that were made. It is shorter for about 10.5 inches in the front half, then there is the A-Pillar raked back and the 5 000 series aluminum trunk, the quarter panels have been redesigned in order to flow with the doors, as well as the fenders, the custom made hood and many, many other things.


But the words cannot possibly describe the allure that this car has, so just watch the video and see what I’m talking about.


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