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Best Mopar 1968 Dodge Charger Twin Turbo V-10 “Sliced”

This extremely modified Mopar was one of the several cool muscle cars brought to SEMA 2014 by the Roadster Shop and most probably one of the craziest Dodge Chargers ever. It is something normal for Phil and Jeremy Gerber to build way over the top show cars, but this particular thing is just insane. We have seen a few nice Chargers in our day, but this one easily goes towards the top of the list with its twin turbo V10 engine, and the many more custom aspects of this car…The only component, which is not custom built are the tires, how crazy is that?

A 1968 Dodge Charger I shot at SEMA 2014…It’s called “Sliced” because of all the changes made to it…but the coolest change was under the hood…check out the…Twin Turbo V-10 resting under there…Very cool..Check it out

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