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Best motorcycle exhaust. Most Crazy Sound Ever

Believe or not. That is exactly what we have here in this video, two crazy guys, “modifying” the exhaust of their Kawasaki ZX6R, into a real monster pipe in order to produce the loudest possible sound they can!

The ZX-6R also has two power modes, full and low. Full is as you would expect, while low limits the throttle response to 80 percent above 7,000 rpm. Again, this is another nice setting for newer riders (cringe) and those times when things get slippery.

I think that even without watching the video below, you get the picture about what I’m talking about above. With a ‘horn’™ like that, the rider can be a thousand percent sure that he will be noticed and heard from miles, and miles away, and if that is the case!

Suspension is provided by a 41 mm Showa BF-SFF fork, which separates spring pre-load on one fork leg and compression and rebound damping on the other. Conveniently, the adjustment points are all located at the top of the tubes, though I didn’t find the need to tinker with them.

But the point here is just for pure fun (and maybe making a total idiot out of yourself) and giving the audience a show. Just watch the reaction of the crowd as the guys are hitting full throttle on that great ZX6R and spin it in circles. One hell of a machine, that never dies. Check it out!


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