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What Can You Sell To Buy This Best Muscle Car? 1969 Dodge Charger

What Can You Sell To Buy This Best Muscle Car ! 1969 Dodge Charger. This 1969 dodge charger is simple the best the amazing. The real thing and the real beauty the best muscle car ever is right here in front of you. I’m just here to tell you something new that u guys did not hear before, something new and special about this classic muscle car 1969 dodge charger. Something more interesting you will get when you will see this. We will surprised and shocked a little bit when we saw the driver which was driving the 1969 dodge charger at smoky mountain a beautiful gorgeous lady. The owner lady is really feeling proud owner of this best muscle car and the same thing we want from our ladies. This charger is equipped with a two door coupe type body. This sweet and best muscle car has 4 speed manual gearbox and it’s a rear wheel drive beast. The top speed of this muscle car is up to 230 km/h. You can say this is the best speed ever.

Massive Sound Of The Best Muscle Car

We wanted to see some more amazing performances from this classic muscle car. This beauty looks like a black dragon on the street. The rear wheels burning and on the other hand the amazing sweet sound that make this charger simply the best. Let’s talk about the specifications of this beauty like it’s under the hood with 383 magnum and the 383 cubic inches v8 engine with 335 horsepower. The specification looks very amazing that makes this car the best muscle car.

1969 Dodge Charger price

Now we will talk about the price of this muscle car, it’s look very high but as the title is the price is not the matter for dodge charger fan. Because who really wants this car can really sale anything to get this best beauty. Even you can sell your house to take this dodge charger. The price is more than 30000$, that’s not a big deal.


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