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Best Small Truck Ever ! 600HP Midget 4×4 Truck Burnout and Stunts

The Best Small Truck is infront of you guys . There is nothing as glorified antisocial as a massive burnout that is done in some inappropriate place. For the price of a little tire tread, theis Best Small Truck produces a huge cloud of blue-gray smoke that for sure will make you a high school hero or maybe you will get banned from the parking lot in the church. You really must see the burnout of this 600 HP Midget 4×4 truck. It is really amazing. Enjoy the video and don’t forget to share the video with your friends. Share your opinion with us about this awesome truck. It’s like one of those off-roading golf karts on Mötley Crüe levels of Bolivian marching powder, or a Shriner’s car after an adrenaline injection straight to the heart. It’s a 600hp engine, transmission, transfer case, and two axles that somehow wind up about the same size as a large cruiser motorcycle , which can only mean that the driver of this ‘caged contraption has to be sitting on the transmission with soft tissue precariously close to rotating assemblies.

 This 600HP Best Small Truck Ever mini monster is definitely not a kids toy. Check out the rear wheel steering too.


speaking of rotation, a quick blip or two of the throttle will send this midget truck into perfect four-wheel donuts at a moment’s notice. Or straight-line skids with the four-wheel steering set up to crab a little, because why the hell not? We don’t know if it’s one of the older “mini monster trucks” like the 460ci Ford powered “Lil’ Thump” but whatever the case, this is awesome and we’d love to know more about it ! I bet you haven’t seen something like this before. At a cost of leaving a little tire thread behind, you get that glorious blue smoke that can either make you a hero or get you banned from your church’s parking lot.



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