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Best Truck For Towing You Have Ever Seen ! The Beast

Best truck for towing you have ever seen ! Is not this the coolest tow truck What you guys think about this beast. One of the good things of driving along the highway is that you can bump on all sort of vehicles, many times a real freaks of engineering, but also, many times a really cool and nice things, just like this great looking yellow the best truck for towing that you are about to see in the video bellow. I do not know about you but I still have not seen such a thing on the roads alive. This video was recorded driving on the way to MotorEx, some four years ago and from what we can see in this half a minute, it looks like a real tow truck, but I would not bet what is its real purpose. Too bad we can not see the driver behind this yellow attraction, maybe then we could have come to a better conclusion about it, but if I remember correctly, this one was part of a Hot Rod Magazine a few years ago.However the situation might be, I can just tell that this street queen tow truck can tow my car any time of the day. What do you think?

If your mood gets much better when you see a custom Best Truck For Towing just like this one, then you are more than welcomed in our team.

We are curious to know where he is headed too. Let’s imagine how cool it would be carrying a hot rod on the back. You can’t wait to see this tow truck in action, can you ? With its amazing yellow color, this tow truck fits perfectly in the Best Truck For Towing team. A video of no more than 30 seconds is enough to sit back and relax while watching this Chevy moving like a boss.


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