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Bigfoot Monster Truck is Trying To Make World Record ! Longest Jump

Bigfoot Monster Truck is Trying To Make Guinness World Record By a 208 feet longest jump. Will he make this ? We go behind the scenes with Bigfoot, the world’s original Bigfoot Monster Truck to see how such a machine can regain the Guinness World Records‘ Longest Ramp Jump by a Monster Truck record. Bigfoot is the original monster truck, and for many years held the Guiness World Record for the longest jump by a monster truck. However, another monster truck -Bad Habit  took the world record away from the Bigfoot team by jumping 208 feet. Team Bigfoot immediately set their sights on regaining the world record.In this video you’ll see Dan Runte at the wheel of Bigfoot #18. He’s attempting to reset the world’s record for a monster truck jump which is something he has done a few times. Several years ago, he jumped a big plane and over time has cleared other obstacles as well.

The evidence to back that up is below in video form courtesy of Bigfoot Monster Truck the epic enterprise that first launched the monster truck craze in the early 1980s.



This time there were no obstacles other than physics. Runte made a test jump and then lined ‘er up for a big one. He hit the ramp at somewhere around 85mph and the truck lept skyward, landing more than 214ft later.The truly shocking thing is watching the in truck video of the landing. In the old days, drivers would get the snot beaten out of them by the trucks. This sucker lands with nary a heard twitch from Runte! The trucks have advanced from lumbering giants capable of barely crawling over a stack of cars to tube framed mind benders that can leap and fly like trophy trucks on steroids. Monster trucks don’t crush cars as much any more as they do fly over them. And fly they can.



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