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Biggest ATV in the world goes through our pit ! Mud Challenge

We’ve seen some pretty insane redneck builds and this super lifted ATV has to be up there among the best of them. The ride features 32″ tires , the largest ATV rubber ever made.This thing has just over a foot of lift on it as shows off when it manages to clear a rather deep mud pit with ease. The three feet of ground clearance will allow the build to go just about anywhere! Check out the video below of this ridiculous ATV and tell us what you think of the creation. It might look strange, but from a functionality perspective, this build is on point! the largest ATV in the world, through our pit. It has 32″ tires Silverbacks on it, the largest ATV tires made. The end of the pit did get a little deep. one may find it look a bit funny or ridiculous, but after seeing it crossing over this mud pit, you will see the point of it. By the time it got to the end of the pit, things got a little bit ruff, but hey, as abovementioned, this ATV has all the necessary things, even if things start going the wrong way.




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