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Blown 1968 Dodge Charger – Black Beauty HEAVY SHIT-

Just set back to see some extra monster blown from this dodge charger 1968.. this model have its own inspiration by its look, sound, speed, some extra muscle form shape.

The sight of this mighty muscle car wasting the tires on the asphalt is just amazing. Also check out how the tail lights look with all that beautiful smoke from the burnout. It’s almost as the beast was spitting mad flames! That’s definitely something that we all love.

The burnout may be short but it surely impressed all the lucky spectators at this car show that had that great chance to witness all that power in person. Why would you need an expensive sportscar when you can have a classic beauty like this with an incredible amount of power. This is why we love the glorious Dodge Charger! Enjoy this great show folks! :)

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