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Bricks Offroad Park ! Dirtiest Racing Events You have Ever Seen

Bricks Offroad Park is a family owned park which is located in the city of Poplar Bluff, Missouri. In Short it’s a muddy paradise for every 4 wheel vehicle. The Bricks Offroad Park was not always an automotive park. Here is how the story began, After four generations of Brickells farming cattle and corn, the family decided to shift onto a different type of farming. Now they plant and grow crazy off road events for all kinds of off road vehicles starting from heavy monstrous trucks, 4 wheelers and ATVs to dirt bikes and dune buggies. With that, the Brickell’s farm is now switching gears in more than one way.  These events are held on specific weekends throughout the whole year. Besides motorized activities, the park also offers primitive camping. Jay Brickell who lives there has made sure that his park is a fun place for everybody’s family and friends to come and enjoy camping and riding vehicles of their choice in authentic environment. He did this with the help of his son, Scott, who lives in Nashville. Together they managed to transform their farm into one of the best off road parks in the state of Missouri.

The Bricks Offroad Park has every possible thing needed for an incredible off road activities. The terrain itself at the farm is just perfect for this kind of Bricks Offroad Park,




since there are creeks, rolling hills and wavy fields which provide lots of riding with ultimate pleasure or tough challenges. The farm has a deep mud slough with which you can be rest assured that you will see even the biggest trucks out there having a great run.Everyone who wants just to observe and enjoy the event is always welcomed and encouraged! With the donut hole, drag strip, mud pit, obstacle course and rock climbs, you are definitely going to witness some car storm apart from their equipment.






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