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CADILLAC 3000hp Twin Turbo vs CORVETTE 3000hp Twin Turbo

Warning Beast Mode engaged.  Big motors and big boost is what this is all about. Woodruff in his Proline powered monster Twin Turbo Chevrolet Corvette vs Scott Lowery in his Moran powered Twin Turbo Cadillac  XLR  from the Throwdown in T-Town at Tulsa Raceway Park. With turbos the size of cantaloupes and both cars laying down about 3,000hp, this is truly a monster race. Impressive 3,000hp Twin Turbo Builds. Twin-Turbo Cadillac and Twin-Turbo Corvette, both of them with engines that generate over a 3,000 horsepower! Even by looking at them, one can not remain indifferent, it becomes all too clear that this is something way out of the ordinary, not a vehicle that you see everyday.

we have here is Scott Lowery and his Twin-Turbo Caddy with 3 000 HP versus Mark Woodruff and his Twin-Turbo Chevy Corvette from the “Throwdown” in T-Town, competing each other at a quarter mile distance at Tulsa Raceway Park.


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