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Chevy Impala Unbelievable Twisting Wheelstand

Well, in the following video we have one mighty Chevy Impala how is doing a wheelstand while drag racing.

This heavily modified and tuned Chevy Impala is one sick vehicle that we love to see while it hits the track.With an enormous power that comes from the inside of the hood it twists the car as it accelerates. This Impala is really a powerful vehicle.

Front wheels go up in the air, back tires are leveled and low into the asphalt and in perfect time, it is awesome depiction of car power. So much can happen. Possibly enough air will get under the car to blow it over and to produce wheelstand fail. On the other hand the driver can lift car off the throttle, and the car will hammer down like a stone. We recommend you to check out the video below and share your opinion with us about it.

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