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Classic Dodge Charger 1969 Cruising With Gorgeous Ponatic Lemans !

1969 Classic Dodge Charger Cruising around With Gorgeous Ponatic Lemans, definitely my lucky day. I can’t believe how good these two cars look. Just take a look at this matte black 1969 Classic Dodge Charger seducing the gentle red Pontiac Lemans Sport like they are having a passionate love affair. An amazing job done by the this video make superb video with 2 beast together . In it we can see beautiful shots of the cars from every angle, with a nice relaxing music in the background. Not only that these beauties look amazing on the outside, but are also astonishing in their hardware. They both have been nicely restored with custom wheels and new tires.

These Bot cars is one of a kind experience which always creates an exhilarating feeling. We are already much known with the details on the 1969 Classic Dodge Charger, but this Gorgeous Ponatic Lemans is what drew our attention. Let’s talk a bit about its specs.

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This Pontiac Lemans is a sample of the third generation of this red car which was produced from 1968 to 1972. The one on the video is a 1970 model which has a 350 cu (5.7 L) V8 engine. We just cannot find the words to describe our impressions of these beautiful cars. In 1969 the engine came as 265 hp 2bbl and 330 hp 4bbl. The ten horsepower increase over 1968’s engine is due to a different cam plus the use of the 48 big valve heads, the same head used on the Ram air 3 400 366 hp (273 kW) engine and the 428-HO engine at 390 hp. 1969 would be the last high performance version of the 350.



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